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Runique Staff Team

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Hello everybody,


The following listed are current staff members for Runique.



Owner.png Owner:

Owner.png Runique

Relex, GMT-5

Adam, GMT+11

0ne, GMT+3


admin.png Administrator:

admin.png Deluxe

Delly, GMT+0


admin.png Flux

Mathias, GMT+1


webdev.png Web Developer:

webdev.png Derosul

Dennis, GMT+1


headmod.gif Senior Moderator:

headmod.gif Andrew 

Andrew,  GMT+11


globalmod.gif Global Moderator:

globalmod.gif Nrazzer 

Niklas, GMT+1


globalmod.gif Ragnar 

Jax, GMT-8


moderator.png Server Moderator:

moderator.png Connor 

Connor, GMT-5


moderator.png Primativ 

 Dawson, GMT-5


moderator.png Ricky 

 Ricky, GMT-6


serversupport.pngServer Support:

serversupport.pngPhteven S

Steven, GMT-6


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