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Lending system

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I have given this some thought, and asked a few players their personal input on the idea and figured I'd now post it here and let everyone else give their feedback.


Basically around the RS2-RS3 era, Jagex decided to give the players a lending system within the trade screen. Letting players that have items other players didn't lend them out to their friends and other players for set prices per hour of use.


My suggestion here is simply to bring the lending system to Runique if possible, would make borrowing items easier for both parties. You can set the time to 24h and just log after trading and not worry about the other person having to hop back on and give you your item(s) back when you need them or they are done with borrowing. Obviously trust trading multiple items to borrow will still be a thing, but this is more so for one item that you may need to borrow for like an hour or two or maybe even 24 hours if you want to enjoy it.


Please share your thoughts below

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