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Runique: All-in-One Starter Guide

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Please note: I hate long winded over-explained guides. This will be straight to the point.


Table of Contents


1.... Understanding the Game Modes

2.... Getting Around

3.... Making Money At The Start

4.... Common Questions

5.... Common Item Prices

6.... Useful Thread Links




1. Understanding the Game modes



G Mode

XP Rate

Drop Rate

Skilling GP


Special Notes




+ 4,000

9 Min

·         Eva's Long-sword




+ 5,000

4 Min

·         Slightly faster Special Attack

·         Slightly slower Prayer Drain

·         2 x Dragon Bone Drops

·         Eva's Long-sword




+ 7,000

3 Min

·         Anger Battleaxe

·         Faster Special Attack Regen

·         Slower Prayer Drain

·         Bonus Loyalty Points: 1,000/30mi

Grand Master



+ 8,000

2 Min

·         Anger Battleaxe

·         Fastest Spec Attack Regen

·         Slowest Prayer Drain

·         Bonus Loyalty Points: 2,500/30mi

Iron Man



+ 6,000

3 Min

·         Immortal Benefits

·         ::Yell Command




+ 10,000

3 Min

·         Immortal Benefits

·         ::Yell Command

·         Bank once every hour

·         1 Specific Shop Only


Anger Battleaxe and Eva's Long-sword:

These items provide an invisible damage and accuracy boost towards monsters under level 100 combat. It is more efficient to switch to a D Scim once you can wear it than using these items.


Skilling GP:

Refers to the amount of money you receive per skilling action. Some examples;

  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Cutting Gems
  • Smelting Bars, etc


Drop Rates

To explain the drop rates and drop rate boosts, we'll use the chance of an Abyssal Whip on RS (1/512)


Game Mode

Drop Chance

Effectively Becomes:

Normal Drop / Ring of Wealth (+1)

1/512 / 2/512

1/512 / 1/256 (2x)

Immortal (+1) / Ring of Wealth (+1)

2/512 / 3/512

1/256 / 1/171 (3x)

G Master (+2) / Ring of Wealth (+1)

3/512 / 4/512

1/171 / 1/128 (4x)

HC Iron  (+3) / Ring of Wealth (+1)

4/512 / 5/512

1/128  / 1/103 (5x)


To read a long-winded explanation of the Game Modes: click here.


2. Getting Around (Double-Tap Enter to open Teleport menu)


Image result for enter key


You can use the Letter behind each of these Sections to quick-teleport.




Common commands when you start, begin by typing ::






donor.png Dzone



Topic #


donor.png Dteles





donor.png Dskills





donor.png Gamble







3. Making Money at the start


There are numerous ways to make money at the beginning, but as this is one of the most common questions asked I've listed a few ways;


  • Dragon Bones - Dragon Bones sell for an average of 250k per bone (and on most Game Modes you receive double bones)
  • Sawmill Minigame - This minigame creates mahogany planks for all players. These sell for 150k per plank and are very fast to obtain.
  • Voting - Vote tickets sell for 15m+ per vote and you can vote on 3 sites per 12 hours.
  • Thieving - Stalls are an extremely quick way to make money as they provide 400k/inventory and take minimal effort. Once you're high enough you can move on to wildy bandits which provide 100k/thieve.
  • Slayer - Throughout all slayer levels you will be rewarded with cash drops, as well as highly demanded items in the later slayer levels (whips, d boots etc)
  • Skilling - As mentioned above you receive cash amounts every time you complete a skill action. Doing something as simple & quick as fishing or gem cutting will net quick profits.


4. Common Questions


What are the Daily Events?





Increased Skilling Task Points (15%)


Pest Control Points (2x)


Slayer Points (2x)


Voting Points (2x)

Friday, Saturday

Experience (2x)


Blood Money (2x), Wildy Boss Drop Rate (2x)


All server events start at around 8:15 PM server time.


What is the timer with a Mystery Box?

Playtime reward


Where do I get a Slayer Task?

Tureal @ Home or Teleports - Slayer - Master's Cave


How do I get a Pickaxe/Axe/Farming Seeds?

These items are at their respective teleports (i.e. go to WC Teles -> Seer’s Village for the axe shop).


What is Ring of Devotion / Can I get it back if I lose it?

It provides a random reward after you wear it and acquire charges passively. No you can’t get it back if lost.


Where do I get my items back on death?

Diango @ Home for a fee.


What is an Instance ticket (IT)

Provides an instance/private room (similar to jad) for you to kill that boss. Once used the ticket will deplete.


What are Heart Magic-Notes?

Use them on an item to note all of them in your inventory




What are the world events that announce at Home?

There are 3 types of world events that take place on Runique. Every 45 minutes 1 of the following will spawn.

  • Evil tree - location announced on #Discord. The Evil tree provides woodcutting & firemaking experience.
  • Shooting Star - location announced in-game and on #Discord. The Star provides mining experience & XP Lamps when you turn dust in.
  • Boss at home - Nex, Wildywyrm or Rammernaut may spawn at home. The boss will provide 2x XP to all players whom help kill it for up to 30minutes.




What is the best item from a Mystery Box / Crystal Key?

Here is loot from 1,000 of each box/key:



h2HnAV1.gif Cosmetic Box: h2HnAV1.gif




Q983nHl.gif Daily Reward Box: Q983nHl.gif 




klgu5wf.png Mystery/Vote Box: klgu5wf.png




07qbDTZ.png Crystal Key: 07qbDTZ.png




5. Common Item Prices


IKDN3Nv.png  Credit Ticket (4.500) : 300m+

IKDN3Nv.png  Credit Ticket (9.500) : 600m+


1I4XeIf.png  Dragon Hatchet : 50m

x98NTc0.png  Dragonfire Shield : 30m

63kFza9.gif Dragon Boots : 5m

lqVtfc7.png  Amulet of Fury : 15m

UAT6Az7.png Fighter Torso : 30m

60nAIU1.png  Korasi's Sword: 70m

tAXuZiW.gif Armadyl Godsword: 70m

r1173MB.png  Abyssal Whip: 15m
S09so5w.png  Abyssal Vine Whip: 70m


havpSYG.png  Rune Bar : 90k

3C2U9Pw.png  Cursed Magic Logs : 20k

4HAUzDi.png  Dragon Bones : 250k

KCp84aJ.png  Mahogany Plank : 150k

pEndpm8.png  Blue Charm : 40k
o2PYFFz.png  Crimson Charm : 25k

klgu5wf.png  Mystery Box : 3m
Q983nHl.gif  Mystery Box : 4m
h2HnAV1.gif  Mystery Box : 5m
IKDN3Nv.png  Vote Ticket : 15m+

07qbDTZ.png  Crystal Key : 5m


6. Useful Thread Links


extrememdonor.png Donation Benefits? extrememdonor.png

Click Here

I need help with a Clue Scroll

Click Here

Can I get my old Donator rank back?

Click Here

What do the custom items do? (i.e. Ice Torva)

Click Here 



Thanks, Ryan 🙂

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Very nice guide put together for the new players! I am not so new but I am sure I will still be using this for some things. Great work

ps. I know one of the websites does not allow mobile votes (well at least for me)

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