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New playerbase retention

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Hello there,


So I know this post may offend some people but I do believe it's for a healthier server. With the new droprates being released I've seen a lot of people quit due to being "grindy" and "not worth it." Mind you this is coming from people who actually play the game, not just gamblers or afkers. I believe this may be some confusion because of extreme mode or whatnot, but regardless.


I believe the drop rates should be changed to easier rates.


It is daunting for a new player to join the server and see that torva is 1/5k drop rate, most justify that by saying why would I bother doing this when I can play OSRS instead? You have to keep in mind that the community that RSPS communities usually reflect is people who don't want to play OSRS because it's too grindy already. We can leave grandmaster mode, etc for the playerbase that enjoys doing that. There are also plenty of other aspects to runique that appeal to grinding mentality such as 120s, achievements, etc. I know this may piss a lot of you off that think it devalues items but we have to think about retaining new players as well.


Some other quality of life changes that might further help:

  • Possibly have someone in community make a forum post guide/video guide about very easy to do tasks of how to get cash in runique and have this linked to people when they first join as a dialogue box for example, most people thieve for a bit then realize how expensive an AGS is for example and then quit
  • Either a better explanation in game of the different game mode benefits or a direct link to the gamemode benefit list
  • Remove the daily 'bury a blood dragon bone' I've seen it upset a lot of people because of how rare dragon keys are already
  • Explain more precisely what +1 drop rate means, I've had to explain it countless time in help chat
    • give an example of "if x item is 1/1k, then +1 drop rate means 2/1k or 1/500"
  • Include a ring of wealth in starting kit so people don't have to hunt for it in general store
  • Promote the fact that you can donate with OSRS gp. maybe via in game yell messages


Please comment below any changes you think would be more appealing to newer players to help retain them

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Updating as I go
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The server already has features like this inplace. Runique is the perfect balance.

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Eyo Gico!

I doubt this post will offend people because some stuff in here is true.
The drop rate is high, but if you focus on pvming as an immortal or gm you can make pretty good money while also having a chance at a rare item which would be worth a lot more of course.
Drop rate should stay like it is in my opinion.

The new players that are complaining are those that choose extreme as their gamemode,  I'm going to take the whip as an example.
Extreme's have a hard time getting a whip drop, which is in my opinion perfectly normal considering they can get 85 slayer to hunt a whip in under an hour or so.
They don't have to grind for stats, so they should have to grind for items.

If you would change the droprate, people would just quickly make an extreme abby demon alt and camp there to make money for their main. Result:
--> More whips into the economy --> price crash

i'm going to give a big support to all of your suggestions except for a change in the droprate.
Give players more information, and they will figure it all out and stay, regardless of how quickly they get their drops.



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@Exivel kinda took my thoughts and smacked them in here as I wrote my first word lol.


I see where you are going with this, 100%, I also don't see a reason for anyone to get mad at you, just because you are concerned about Runique..
However, for me as a GM it would ruin alot.
I not only choose this gamemode for the grinding, which I love.

I also choose it because I felt like having this increased drop rate makes PvM alot more rewarding, but obviously not "free" since the DR on some items are really high.

But I see the point, some people wanna play private servers to get to max quick and just have fun with pvp, or pvm on high gear... 

But that seems like a overall problem, when offering game modes on a server, there is no way to even it out.
If we would lower the drop rates it would make GM or even Immo just grindy.. less "rewarding" atleast in items and gp, mentally it obviously rewards you getting a 120 on a GM. 😄 


However, what is your point of view after reading this? Do you still think changing the dr would be best? If so, that's still ok btw, dont feel threatened pls. ❤️ 

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Not sure why anyone would be mad at you for suggesting this. It's perfectly reasonable and more than likely a thought that has crossed the minds of many others.


Anyway, I support everything you've listed in bullet points. However, I am not fond of modifying drop rates. I think that's something that should be done as a last resort, when it's glaringly obvious that the drop rate being too low on an item is affecting the economy. In this case, I think it's difficult to say that it's "glaringly obvious" because the economy is currently undeveloped; prices on most items are subject to change on a daily basis. I just don't believe we have enough information to confidently say that drop rates should be raised.


I take your point on how the "grindy" feel detracts the group of players that prefer an effortless gameplay, but that thought is a double edged sword - lots of players, such as myself, actually enjoy the grind and difficulty, so making it easier would be upsetting to see.


Edit: In regards to your point about the blood dragon bone daily, I'd also like to add that the dailies that require you to kill a wilderness boss should only be given to players over 100 combat.

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I've made a post entailing exactly what you advised a starter guide should have already HERE


Edit: removed the rest

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I agree with everything except for the droprate stuff. If we lower the drop rate for everyone then people who play on GM/Immo/HCI who have an increased drop rate will just be getting drops left right and center and the only way to fix that would be to get rid of their droprate buff and then what incentive is there to play a harder game mode? a few more gp per skilling action? Slower prayer drain and faster spec restore? Also says 90% chance we get drops charms in inventory but I never once seen a charm appear in my inventory lol. 


I mean getting 200m all skills and switching to Immo doesn't really take all that long. If you really like the server you will stick it out and do this. That is what I did when I first played the server. I 100% agree that more information about this needs to be given to new players. Since the relaunch I have answered tons of questions that are on the forums or are available to people, they just don't know where to find it. Maybe an extra popup for the runique guide where he asks if this is your first time playing this server and he has links to things like GM benefits and Donator benefits, and just other important information new players would need before embarking on their journey.

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