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Mystery Boxes, Dragon Chest, Bonus Slayer Points, QoL

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Hello everybody,


We have a list of updates that we hope everyone enjoys! I'd like to take the time to remind our community that ;;suggest is a great way to share your ideas as I look into these extremely often to see what we add into Runique. My job is to add features and content that our community wants, and this section helps me do that!


To fill some players in that may not know - we had a ;;discord poll to see whether we should do small updates every few days or a bigger amount of updates every week or so (can vary). The latter won and this is the first update since then. This allows me to do make more high-quality update notes as I don't feel rushed to get the updates and notes out as soon as possible!


  • Implemented a new pet "Mystery Jester". You have a 1/17.5k chance of receiving this pet when opening a Mystery Box. Each donator tier makes it more common by a rate of 2.5k (for example: normal donator has a 1/15k chance of obtaining the pet). You can use the "Claim" option on the pet to claim a free mystery box every 12 hours
    • We felt that Mystery Boxes were very bland, however if we add a lot more items to the already-existing loot tables, we run the risk of inflating the economy with a bunch more items until we find a good balance for the loot and their rates. By adding completely new rewards with a decoupled rate, we are able to control this side-effect a lot more efficiently!
  • Implemented a new "Legendary" loot table to Mystery Boxes. You have a 1/10k chance of hitting this table when opening a Mystery Box. This rate is dropped down if you have a Mystery Jester summoned/following you to 1/8.5k
    • Statius's full helm  (16.95% rate)
    • Vesta's chainbody  (16.95% rate)
    • Vesta's plateskirt  (16.95% rate)
    • Bandos chestplate  (8.47% rate)
    • Bandos tassets  (8.47% rate)
    • Armadyl chestplate  (8.47% rate)
    • Armadyl chainskirt  (8.47% rate)
    • Dragon claws  (6.78% rate)
    • Staff of the dead  (6.78% rate)
    • Guthix abyssal whip  (1.69% rate)
    • As said above, this is the direction we're taking to add more variety to the Mystery Box! As you may notice, we are also trying to remove some items from being PvP-only as this excludes a large majority of players who don't, or even can't, PvP for Blood Money
  • Implemented a new "Legendary" loot table to Dragon Keys. Same concept as the Mystery Box Legendary loot table - you have a 1/5k chance to hit this table
    • Draconic visage  (49.18% rate)
    • Dragon claws  (32.79% rate)
    • Dragon warhammer  (16.39% rate)
    • Draconic abyssal whip  (1.64% rate)
    • We felt that some of the chests you can open from PvM keys are a bit lackluster, which we will try to improve slowly (as to not cause a huge shift in economy all at once). If you have any suggestions for additions to this table or additions/new concept to any other chest, please post it as a suggestion
  • Implemented color customization for max cape and non-trimmed completionist cape. Max cape does not have particles - non-trimmed Completionist cape has white particles - trimmed Completionist has gold particles
    • We felt that all of these capes are significant and cape customization is a cool feature, but underused due to the high requirements. We hope that the benefits of the trimmed Completionist cape ("operate" function, equipment bonuses, etc) are good enough to incentivize its use over the other capes and be worth the grind. If you have any suggestions on more incentives for the trimmed completionist cape, please suggest them!
  • Implemented void piece selling by using the item on the Squire. He will buy your piece for 40% of its original price
  • Implemented a global announcement for receiving boss & skilling pets
  • Implemented a 5% chance for donators+ to receive a +1 extra noted reward when harvesting an item from skilling (for example: you now have a 5% chance of obtaining a noted log when woodcutting)
  • Implemented varying Slayer points for completing tasks by different Slayer masters!
    • Turael/Mazchna: 1 point
    • Vannaka: 2 points
    • Chaelder: 3 points
    • Sumona: 4 points
    • Duradel: 6 points
    • Kuradal: 8 points
    • Captain: 10 points
    • We felt that there was little to no incentive to complete tasks from higher-level masters versus just farming streak points from lower-level masters. This change should reward you for completing higher-skilled tasks!
  • Modified Slayer completion streak bonus points. You used to get bonus points once you hit 10, 25 and 50 streaks and that's it - now you receive bonus points every time you hit a multiple of the following amount of streaks:
    • Multiple of 5: 5
    • Multiple of 25: 25
    • Multiple of 50: 50
    • We felt that the streaks were very underwhelming, especially considering you could only achieve them once before having to reset your streak to ever gain another streak bonus. This should help alleviate that!
  • Modified the following slayer tasks for each master:
    • Turael/Mazchna: Removed [Giant crabs]
    • Sumona: Removed [Cave crawlers, Giant sea snake]
    • Duradel/Kuradal: Removed [Fire Giants]
    • Captain: Removed [Tormented demons] - Removed an extra Phoenix task that was left in by mistake (meant that Phoenix was a bit more common than the rest of the tasks)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Giant Lobster Slayer tasks to be considered as Giant Crabs instead
  • Reduced the hp of Giant Crabs to 50
  • Nerfed the drop rates for Giant Crabs in comparison to Giant Lobsters
  • Added the following items to the following skilling supply boxes
    • Small
      • Mahogany planks x 150
      • Rune bars x 100
      • Torstol seeds x 15
      • Yew seeds x 10
    • Medium
      • Mahogany planks x 300
      • Torstol seeds x 40
      • Magic seeds x 25
    • Large
      • Mahogany planks x 500
      • Torstol seeds x 100
      • Magic seeds x 50
  • Increased the amount of resources you need to collect for the following skilling tasks
    • Prayer (dragon bones, dagannoth bones, bandos bones, bork bones, frost dragon bones)
    • Crafting
    • Woodcutting
    • Fishing
    • Farming (herb allotments)
    • Mining (essence)
  • Allow double rewards from Mastery Cape perks to count towards skill task progress
  • Increased the chance to get a Hunter pet from chinchompas
  • Added Red chinchompas to the North-East part of the Donator Skilling Area - these chinchompas grant a better chance of obtaining a Hunter pet (~30% increase)
    • We felt that we have made Wu suffer enough on Runique1
  • Added donator Revenant's cave as a bounty hunter area
  • Added the ability for Iron Man to sell items to Sigmund - they will however not appear in the shop and Iron Man will still not be able to purchase any existing items in the Sigmund store
  • Added a placeholder option in the Bank
  • Added extra total run energy for donators
    • Donator/Super: +5 run energy
    • Mega/Extreme: +10 run energy
    • Respected: +15 run energy
    • Legendary: +20 run energy
  • Enabled Bank placeholder option by default
  • Edited the 'Mound' name in ;;drops to their proper Strykewyrm names
  • Increased the capacity of the main bank tab from 350 to 400 and other bank tabs from 100 to 125 (for a total of +225 slots)
  • Wilderness Chests will now Black Skull players who open them
  • Wilderness Chests will now require a minimum risk of 10m to be able to open them
  • Nerfed Wilderness Key drop rates received by npcs from 1/250 to 1/300
    • We felt that Wilderness Keys were never meant to be PvM-oriented or allowed to be farmed through PvM, which is why we feel this is a necessary nerf
  • Disabled the bonus Slayer XP announcements
  • Made Elder maul two-handed
  • Made Relex and 0ne pets tradeable
  • Shortened the name on loot announcements for King Black Dragon and Bal'lak the Pummeller
  • Fixed max hood cutting your jaw off
    • We felt that you could use your jaw more often than not
  • Client setting changes:
    • Settings are now saved on your cache directory. Due to this change, you will be required to re-edit your settings to how they were before this update
    • Settings are no longer stored per account. This means your settings are now global to all your accounts
    • Enabled the following by default:
      • Show friends on minimap
      • HD minimap
    • Disabled fog by default
  • Added an extra zoom-in 'tick' when zooming your client through mouse wheel to allow for better close-ups when staring at your character model
  • Gave staff the image they deserve to look at in their private time in staff zone
    • We felt staff are weebs







DhqOZZP.png cKqf82T.png IGWr47O.png wBl7sPB.png ERSOKLc.pngIUOZdyE.png UF5jCba.png cS5j1zd.gif qwsZMNb.png


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2 minutes ago, Runique said:

Wilderness Chests will now require a minimum risk of 10m to be able to open them

Make it 10m Risk to have a chance to get one, sorry if i didn't make that clear :3. xD

So naked people cant farm them. 

other than that, ty for all the hard work youre putting in!


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Took me a minute to read all that, but all I can say is I'm pretty excited. Thanks for those updates 😄

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Love the addition to mystery boxes! Keep up the great work you’re doing for the community 🙂

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What an insane update, thanks alot.

Also I abandon staffzone now, please never make me use it again. 😞

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This is such a huge list of changes. Thank you so much for your hard work! I'm slightly excited to have even more pets in-game, so hopefully that Mystery Box pet won't be too hard to get :p. Keep up the fantastic job!

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